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  • Porcelain

    Emblems of imaginative elegance.The Versace Rosenthal Porcelain collections. They are emblems of an elegant and imaginative lifestyle. The extravagant combination of unmistakable shapes and decorations as well as an extraordinarily precious workmanship make all Versace Rosenthal Porcelain become objects as singular as your personality.Despite all the differences, these collections have something in common: they reflect your elegance in your rooms.

  • Glass

    Rituals of the pleasure of drinking. The Glasses from the Versace Rosenthal collection awaken you to new life. Stubborn and present. Simply the glasses from the Versace collection. Drinking rituals that increase the pleasure of being at the table, a pleasure also due to Versace glasses. Sensual elements: Versace glasses. Hard but fragile, transparent but reflective.

  • Dinnerware Set
  • 25th Anniversary

    Rosenthal meets Versace-25th Anniversary

  • Christmas

    Versace Rosenthal Christmas

  • Wall Plates

    Wall Plates Versace by Rosenthal

  • Medusa Madness
  • Arabesque Gold
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Showing 1 - 24 of 481 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 481 items

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